Monthly vs. Yearly: which plan should I choose?

Here's what you can consider based on the experience of 32K+ users

Choosing between lemwarm’s monthly or yearly plan?

Some pick the monthly plan because they believe email warm-up & deliverability is a short process that lasts a few weeks. In reality, keeping email deliverability high is a long-term commitment!

After the initial warm-up phase, it's important to continue boosting & monitoring your deliverability. Hence why lemwarm acts as a warm-up & deliverability booster tool to help you avoid spam in the long run.

Based on the experience of 32K+ users, here are 5 reasons why the yearly plan is the wiser choice:

1. Stay spam-proof all year long

The yearly plan helps you keep your email warm at all times and continuously monitor your deliverability. That means even when you’re off on vacation or taking a break from sending campaigns, lemwarm keeps your email active to avoid shocking email providers when you restart your campaigns.

👉 This ensures that your emails land right where they belong—the primary inbox of your leads, customers, and audiences.

2. Adapt to changes in email provider algorithms

Email providers (Outlook, Zoho, Google, etc) are always tweaking their algorithms. But with lemwarm’s vigilant monitoring and deliverability-boosting practices, these changes won’t impact you.

👉 Build trust, navigate all updates, and keep a 90+ deliverability score at all times.

3. Find & fix deliverability issues asap

If lemwarm stays ON throughout the year, it helps you detect deliverability issues asap. You won’t be left wondering why your open rates are suddenly low or why your emails are landing in spam.

👉 By addressing problems early, you protect your sender reputation and reach your audience’s inboxes.

4. Get consistent engagement on your emails

Not only does lemwarm send personalized warm-up emails to other users, but it also gets you custom replies to each email. The yearly plan empowers you to get high engagement consistently. More engagement means a better reputation with email providers.

👉 High engagement rates and a stable email-sending volume protect your deliverability and help you avoid spam!

5. Bonus: Save $$$!

With lemwarm’s yearly plan, you get 2 months for free, which means you’re saving big 💰💰💰

In the end, choose what suits you. The yearly plan means consistently high deliverability.

If you do choose to go monthly, keep lemwarm ON before-during-after sending campaigns for steady results!