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If your emails are too salesy and don’t give your audience any value  –  they’ll look like spam.

You won’t get any replies and could even get spam complaints instead.

Also, some elements in your emails can also trigger filters and land your emails in spam.

With the new Personalized Template Warm-Up feature, you can now add your real email campaigns to lemwarm and warm them up.

💡 Note that this feature is only available on the Smart Plan.

Why should I warm-up my emails?

lemwarm warms-up your emails and ensures they land in the primary inbox of your dedicated smart cluster (= your warm-up network).

This helps your emails avoid spam when sent to your real audience.

How does the Personalized Warm-Up boost deliverability?

Because your emails land in the primary tab during the warm-up, email providers get the signal that they’re legitimate and not spam.

This reduces chances of your email content triggering spam filters.

How do I use Personalized Template Warm-Up?

👉 In the left menu of your lemwarm account, under "Main menu" click on "Templates"

👉 Click on "Create my own Template"

👉 Write your subject line and your email content:

👉 Save your template and make sure to enable it:

👉 Your email warm-up will start

👉 We will monitor your template spam rate for you and if it goes too high (based on the total number of templates that were sent) we will disable the template out of security.

👉 Let your email warm-up for at least 3-7 days for optimal results.

👉 You can check your spam rate and for how long your email template has been warming up in the list view of your templates:

💡 Good to know:

  • You can create and enable only 5 templates.
  • Using the personalized warm-up feature, other lemwarm users in your cluster might see your copywriting. Make sure never to reveal sensitive or confidential information in these email templates.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach ut to our support!