How to use cockpit

Learn how to use the cockpit view

Cockpit in an awesome space where you get to pilot pretty much everything regarding your team.s settings (in case you're managing more than one).

❓What will I find in the lemwarm part of the Cockpit?

All the lemwarm settings that you'd like to adjust for each users of each teams you're managing :)

You'll be able to adjust and check the following:

  • Maximum number of cold emails lemwarm will send out per day
  • Ramp-up value
  • Current deliverability score of each user
  • Start/stop lemwarm

To understand how to start with lemwarm, you can check this article.

❓What will I find in the Teams part of the Cockpit?

Everything users/team management related!

All the settings you require are there:

  • List of users - all the people in the team
  • Roles - chose between Admin, Member, and Extern
  • Custom tracking domain - measure clicks and opens the right way
  • LinkedIn & Integrations - what platforms each users have connected to their lemlist account.

👉 How do you invite new users? And how do you give your users limited access to reports only?

First, you need to update the number of seats. Every new user needs a seat as the rule is 1 seat = 1 user.

To do this, go to Cockpit > Billing and simply update the number of seats you'd like to have.

Once you have that done, stay in Cockpit, just go to the left sidebar and click into Teams.

👉 if you want to invite a user as an Admin or a Member:

  • Click on Invite Users (1).
  • Select User in the toggle (2)
  • Choose their role (3)
  • You can invite more than one new user at a time (4)
  • Finally, send them the invitation. Afterward, they'll need to create their user account, connect their email provider and Linkedin account in case you chose the Sales Engagement Plan.

👉 If you want to invite your user as an extern:

  • Click on Invite Users (1).
  • Choose to "Create an external user" (2)
  • Fill in the requested info
  • Decide to allow passwordless login or not (3)
  • Send the invitation

Important: If you want users to have the ability to log in to lemlist and get access to reports only, make sure to enable the Allow passwordless login option.

Otherwise, users will just be able to connect their email provider (and Linkedin account) so you can send campaigns on their behalf, but won't be access anything at all. It's up to you to decide what's the best setup for your team.

Lear more about Roles here

❓What will I find in the Billing part of the Cockpit?

You'll have control and access to all billing info of your different teams such as:

  • Plan - what plan is used by each team
  • Seats - how many seats/users does a team have
  • Invoices - these are separated: each team has its own invoice
  • Price - price paid per month
  • Credit card icon - once clicked, the team billing settings will open, like below which will allow you to modify that team billing address and credit card used to pay for the subscription.

❓How to switch teams without logging in and out all the time?

Just find the team selector menu on the bottom left corner of your account and select the team you'd like to switch to:

Its from there that you'll also be able to create new team.s if you want to :)

If you're not sure if you should have one or several teams, you can check this article.

That's it! ❤️